Menstrual Hygiene is a matter that every adolescent girl faces with her first period, known as menarche between the age of 11 and 14; during a time when they are living through one of the most rapid phase of their physical development.

Adolescents (10 -19 years) constitute about 22.8% (232 million of India’s population. Adolescent girls between 10 -19 years constitute close to half (111 million) population group. Overall in her lifetime a woman spends approximately 2100 days menstruating which is equivalent to almost 6 years of her life

Unfortunately in our country the taboo surrounding menstruation in society prevents girls and women from articulating their needs and their problems of poor menstrual hygiene management have been ignored or misunderstood

Let us make menstruation
a symbol of FEMINITY and not our weakness.

Components in Menstrual Kit